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Silnik 12V 24V serii MY68 z JX Motor Co. Ltd.

Silnik 12V 24V serii MY68 z JX Motor Co. Ltd.
  • Gaetano Fasano 28-07-2005 g. 19:15:35
    Dear Sirs,<br /> Can you please send me a quotation of the motor<br /> MY68 and the name of the distributor where i<br /> can buy it?<br /> Thank you very much<br /> Gaetano
  • Edoardo Franchi 11-08-2005 g. 13:04:58
    Dear Sir, <br /> I wanted to ask if you have an electric motor of 500w, <br /> if the answer is positive, contact me as soon as possible on my address e-mail. <br /> Thanks.Edoardo
  • Adam 11-08-2005 g. 13:13:26
    anwswer negative:)
  • E.F 16-08-2005 g. 14:06:33
    to which price it would surrender here me the motor above from 120 w? <br /> and how would you/he/she be delivered me?
  • Adam 16-08-2005 g. 14:42:36
    It is provate site, not e-commerce
  • JENNIFER 07-10-2005 g. 14:22:44
  • Antoine BUFFIN 12-02-2006 g. 15:05:46
    Good morning! I have bought in france an electric bicycle, where is one motor by you. The builder of the cycle seems to be "JS". Do you know its adress, especially in europe. I may need spare parts. Thanks very much. P.S. I'm French.
  • mick 07-06-2006 g. 12:51:10
    Dear Sirs, Can you please send me a quotation of the motor MY 68 and the name of the distributor where in italy,can buy it????? Best regards M.ventrelli
  • Juan 06-07-2006 g. 22:12:21
    Hi there. Im a design engineering student and would like to know if it's possible to buy a MY68 model. If the answer is possitive let me know where! Thanks a lot!
  • Carlo 22-07-2006 g. 09:52:11
    Dear Sirs, Can you please send me a quotation of the motor MY 68 and the name of the distributor where in italy,can buy it????? Best regards C. Marano
  • steve 07-08-2006 g. 19:34:11
    i was interested in buying one of your motors, my68... please let me know price and availiability uk
  • david 16-08-2006 g. 18:22:18
    Hi, model no. MY1050 500w has stopped working - had very little use - just 12 months old - any ideas. Many thanks David R
  • Adam 16-08-2006 g. 18:29:02
    What with brushes? Maybe are gone
  • Mick 30-08-2006 g. 03:23:42
    I am looking to buy a back wheel for my MY68 could you send me information on where to get parts in Australia
  • deb 06-09-2006 g. 15:19:54
    hello, recently bought elec bike on e-bay there is no name on it except on motor, MY1016. please advise who i need to contact for manual.
  • ed 17-09-2006 g. 19:46:20
    can you tell me where to buy a charger for my MY 68 elec scooter. 24vdc 100watt. dealer in canada please
  • Karl Ley 24-10-2006 g. 23:10:41
    can you tell me where I can buy the JX Motor Model: MY1035 36V 350W
  • nikola 26-10-2006 g. 02:10:59
    can anybody tell me what kind of fuse(what voltage)I need to buy for my MY68 elec scooter, 24vdc 100watt.
  • Amir Aksamija 07-11-2006 g. 14:40:27
    Can you tell me where to buy a charger for my MY68 elec scooter, Model Of charger LB31 Input AC220-240V output 24V DC: 0.4A
  • carole 26-11-2006 g. 23:46:05
    I need a charger for MY68 escooter 24V 6amp help!!!
  • cl 13-12-2006 g. 11:54:57
    I just received a JX motor model : MY68, but found that the black pulley is hard to be removed from the shaft. Can any one tell me how to remove the pulley without causing damage to the shaft, please help. Thank you.
  • Adam 13-12-2006 g. 12:58:52
    cl - yes, this task is very difficult. I tried to do it, and i did it. I used hummer:). black pulley is mounted with such kind of glue
  • paul 05-03-2007 g. 11:00:08
    I have an electric scooter without any charger or leads - the 24dc motor is from JX Motor Co Ltd and is a MY1016. Please can you advise me of the necessary charger and can you supply?
  • Mike 09-04-2007 g. 15:42:47
    Hi there I have a MY1018 motor and it has burnt out does any body know were I can aquire another one from I live in London England. Mike J
  • Ali 14-05-2007 g. 03:47:23
    dear sir/madam i need charger for this motor i have a scooter with my68 scooter but i lost the charger please tell me how much and where i can find in Toronto Canada. or i can use any other chrger of 12volt.
  • 007 23-05-2007 g. 12:49:28
    how do i fix my scoter without a charger
  • TEFO 30-05-2007 g. 11:21:27
    Mio figlio ha un monopattino con motore MY68 mi occorre il caricatore. dove posso acquistare? le caratteristiche del motore sono: VOLTAGE 24VDC RATED CURRENT 6A OUTPUT 100W RATED SPEED 2500RPM grazie
  • umer 03-06-2007 g. 21:56:10
    im having trouble with my motor. how can they be fixed/where can i get a similar or new one?
  • Basil 14-06-2007 g. 03:57:59
    Hi Can anyone tell me who supplies the MY68 motor As I have been trying to do a search on the web but I was unsuccessful I am looking for the MY86 12V Thank you
  • alejandro 08-03-2008 g. 18:00:37
  • 03-06-2008 g. 16:41:42
    I am trying to find a charger for an MY68 e-scooter, 24VDC, output 100W, rated speed 2500 rpm. I am located in the United States, Pennsylvania. Thank you
  • 20-08-2008 g. 17:52:25
    needing replacement motor for electric motor model MY1016 24VDC 2750 RPM 14AMP 250W OUTPUT. CAN I FIND DEALER/DIST IN USA?
  • Col 22-09-2008 g. 11:20:44
    Please give me contact for this motor? Model MY1018 Voltage: 24VDC Rated current: 16.5A Rated speed: 2500 RPM Output 300W JX Motor Co. Ltd
  • Victor 30-09-2008 g. 08:59:28
    I need replacement for : JY-2430L electricbicycle controller Help tell me the contact for by it.
  • jacob 16-10-2008 g. 16:08:24
    hi can it be sent?
  • janie 26-05-2009 g. 02:20:30
  • 28-07-2009 g. 11:20:12
    Dear Sir, I need a battery for a model "MY68". Can you send me the price and the addresses of the assistance point in Italy? Thanks! Diego
  • 20-09-2009 g. 17:06:49
    I have a an electric scooter by Mitsuca with what looks like the MY 68 motor on it, and I need the Model# JY-20 Charger for it. It is a 24v charger with output of 0.1 - 0.4A . Thanks for your help ! AA
  • 20-09-2009 g. 17:08:40
    The before mentioned JY-20 charger is for US ,..... Texas.
  • 21-09-2009 g. 18:18:56
    I have an electric scooter with motor MY 1018 24v dc on it. I need name of company representing you in Italy or Europe to contact regards Marika
  • 03-02-2010 g. 12:04:16
    Hello sir, I have an electic scooter that needs a 24VDC charger. The model is MY 1O18, rated current 10.5A, Speed 2500 RPM. please coment on how best you can help thanks.
  • 13-02-2010 g. 06:06:00
    Hello I am after a new back wheel for a MY 68 motor scooter. Can you please tell me how I can get one and how much money it will be. Thanks
  • 28-04-2010 g. 20:12:58
    we have aelectric scooter with your motor but the vsnare is broken. can you help us with another one or do you know were we can buy one.thank you
  • VEEVA 26-05-2010 g. 09:09:59
    Dear Sir/mum, Dear Sir / Mum, This is Konoz Co., Ltd From Jordan we want to make a cotation with your company, we want to order 20 piece from : My 68, with 12 volt and 60/80/100 Watt, Amper less then 7.5 A. and we need from you to send also the electronic board and the control. We need from you to send first the PI, as soon as possible. Thank you and Best Regards, Bashar Nasouh.
  • haha 05-07-2010 g. 22:55:50
    kan mir das irmand verkaufen pls
  • M.Terpstra 06-10-2010 g. 19:29:52
    wij willen graag en JY_2430l controller kopen wat zijn de koste hiervan plus verzendkosten
  • send the price 12-01-2011 g. 16:21:40
    pls send me the price of 12V 24V serii MY68 z JX Motor Co. e mail id thank u,
  • daniele 17-06-2011 g. 19:45:30
    ho bisogno di un motore MY68 24vdc rated speed 2300rpm rated current 6A fatemi sapere dove e come acquistarlo e quanto costa grazie
  • daniele 17-06-2011 g. 19:49:39
    i need the MY68 24 vdc 2300 rpm 6A 100W I want to know the price and when i can buy it
  • George 03-08-2012 g. 23:01:17
    Pls. send me the price for Charger of 24 VDC, 6A, rated speed 2300 RPM, output 100W sery JX Motor Co. Ltd. My e-mail is: Thank you.
  • 15-10-2012 g. 14:50:09
    desidererei acquistare motore JX MOTOR CO : LTD MY 68 24 vdc 6a out 100W
  • rebelworrior81 27-11-2012 g. 05:54:07
    i have just came into posistion of a e-scoter jx brand my68 24 volt / 100watt / 2500rpm / 6amp just needs a 24volt charge and a front wheel imagine but everything else works but from what i can tell it's in good shape other than no charger and no front wheel but i will try to fix both when i find the parts but if you have the parts it needs and wish toi buy this one than we might be able to work something out with the price so e-mail me at all seriuos inquires need to reply asking as is around $100 plus shipping and handling U.S. only sorry
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